Build the future of home care.

Use modern tools to finally modernize home care with novel products designed for an underserved workforce.

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Small team.
Big impact.

All the productivity and collaboration of a tight-knit group. None of the bureaucracy.

  • Anthony Avatar

    Anthony Bastardi

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mark Avatar

    Mark Fayngersh

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Jordan Avatar

    Jordan Landau

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Spencer Avatar

    Spencer Strombotne

    The Web Master

  • Chris Avatar

    Chris Grass

    Senior Software Engineer

What we are about

Build the world's largest network of home care providers, caregivers, families, clients, and partners to create a more stable, coordinated home care experience for all.

Balanced approach

Our monorepo contains a legacy app written in AngularJS and a new one using SvelteKit, all accessible by an efficient build process using Turborepo with shared packages and models. We take a pragmatic approach to development that maintains backwards compatibility while looking towards the future.

Consistent domain

Maintaining integrity of the data layer is central to the success of any growing platform. We use Prisma with MongoDB to provide typesafety and consolidate requests across web apps. The team is actively evolving our legacy Mongo schema to the new V2 platform being built using SvelteKit.

Attention to detail

We take pride in delivering products that are a joy to use in addition to being performant and reliable. We put extra effort into retrofitting tools like Tailwind CSS into legacy apps to be able to ship quality products with the best developer experience.

At our company, we believe that success is in the details. That's why we pay close attention to every aspect of our products, from design to delivery, to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the very best.

Ilya Avatar Ilya Vakhutinsky CEO at Careswitch

Eng Applications Closed

We are currently not hiring any engineers, check back soon!